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The new technology and the endless opportunities for a modern home design inspired us to manufacture incredible state-of-the-art, functional and attractive designer radiators made from Aluminum, Inox, Concrete and Glass.


High quality materials:Glass,Inox,Aluminium High quality images
Almost everlasting:not affected from the atmospheric condintions


Powder coated
Choose from more than 4,000 colors​
Almost everlasting thanks to the materials used


Energy Saving: thanks to the materials used


10-year warranty/ Easy assembly

Railway radiators

Unique bathroom towel rails, made of aluminum welded, not glued; environmentally- friendly; corrosion resistant. The welding is resistant to high pressure.

Aluminum design radiator with a high-quality 1440 dpi stamp. A wide range of images. Easy assembly. Corrosion resistant.

New design with unique materials – aluminum and concrete. Exceptionally resistant. The concrete inside retains the heat for a longer time.


Why clients choose us?

TOPLOMASHINEX is certified for ISO 9001 Company TOPLOMASHINEX  was established in 1996. The company manufactures design radiators for homes, offices,restaurants, hotels, etc. The radiators are made of aluminum, inox and glass, which is a guarantee for their premium quality. Our products are unique and they offer original designer and boutique heating solutions. The simple and stylish radiator design ensures their perfect integration in any interior. A great part of the models have high-quality direct stamp. We are partners with leading companies in the construction industry and enterprise.The embedded technologies and best practices gives us an opportunity to offer you a new way of heating and furnishing of your home.

Partners and retailers

✔Great offers for traders and partners willing to sell our high-quality designer radiators worldwide

✔As a manufacturer we can propose exeptionally low-priced offers to dealers willing to sell our products worldwide.

✔We can take big orders for short amounts of time. We are srtict in terms of commitment and timeframes

✔We apply only the best technology in our manufacturing process: aluminium welding (NOT GLUEING), state-of-the-art technology for direct stamp on the radiator, high quality aluminium sections,variety of colors applied by powder coating

✔Highly qualified staff

✔24 years of experience


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