Production technology of designer radiators TMX

TMX comprises the overall production process of the designer radiators – from the purchase order to packing. The deliveries are by agreement. We have at our disposal a highly qualified team of professionals with vast experience in this field. We have capacity for the production of big quantities.

1. Materials used:

Stamped glass - the laminated glass is exceedingly tough and it protects the high-quality stamp underneath;

Concrete – perfect material retaining the heat and unaffected by the atmospheric conditions, energy saving;

Inox – stainless steel with very good thermal conductivity, exceptional strength, unaffected by the atmospheric conditions;

Aluminum – highly corrosion-resistant, very good thermal conductivity, unaffected by atmospheric conditions;

2. Direct stamp:

The effective stamp resolution is 1440 points per inch. You can find inspiration for unique designer solutions for your radiators here. The stamp allows branding, as well as specific combinations with various kinds of inferior. You can review all images available in our PDF catalog.

3. Powder coating:

Each one of our products can be powder-coated with high-quality paints

4. Aluminum welding:

The welding of the aluminum tower rails enables operation at high pressure /10 bars/ in all kinds of heating installations unlike the case with the gluing process used by the majority of manufacturers.

5. Taps:

Taps can be either covered or open. We have a wide range of them.

6. Design:

The radiators offered have modern and innovative design thanks to the use of aluminum, inox, glass and concrete, as well as images laid by a direct stamp. The great variety enables their combination with any kind of interior.

Assembly – video

Production technology - photos

For Partners and traders

Great offers for traders and partners willing to sell our high-quality designer radiators worldwide

  • High discounts bound to quantity
  • Strict in terms of commitments and timeframes
  • High-calibre make of the products offered
  • Possibility for production in large quantities
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